Every year more than 8 million metric tons of plastic waste end up in our oceans killing millions of seabirds and other animals

1 million plastic bottles are bought worldwide every minute

And only 9% of the plastic ever made has been recycled


All of our new 2020 styles containing polyester are made of recycled plastic bottles.

As one of the first in our market, we have decided to take a step towards
more eco-friendly sportswear production. With our new styles made from recycled plastic bottles, we can make our small contribution to reducing the environmental impact caused by polyester production.

Our recycled polyester offers the same high-quality characteristics as “normal” polyester but with a
smaller environmental footprint, keeping plastics from going to landfills and our oceans. Furthermore, the production of recycled polyester requires far fewer resources than that of new fibres and generates significantly less CO2 emissions.